Review: Bean & Bud

Coffee Shop: Bean & Bud Harrogate
Drink: 10oz Latte
Beans: Jose Alfredo Jimenez (Costa Rica)
Price: £3

Bean & Bud has always been a buzzing little independent coffee shop, hidden away on a backstreet in Harrogate town centre. It’s a shame that not a lot of people know about it however having said that, the people who do are often frequent visitors and you get a real sense of community in the shop.

Personally I spent months and months meaning to go in and never ever got around to it. I have a great friend who is a barista there and another who used to work there also and they were always encouraging me to come in and visit so finally I got around to it and stopped by. Since then I can’t get enough of the place.

At Bean & Bud I usually go for a slow brew or a syphoned coffee but this time I just went for a plain and simple latte (actually I had 2) and I’m struggling to think of a time where I’ve had better one. Bean & Bud always have a choice of beans available and the Costa Rican beans that I went with had such a well rounded and balanced flavour. There were definite citrus and cranberry notes, a genuine orange note running through the entire drink. There were also hints of hazelnut and warm syrup-like flavours such as maple or even Lyle’s syrup. There was only trace amounts of bitterness and overall it was incredibly refreshing and beautifully rich. Very well balanced.

In the same vein as the flavour, the presentation was exceptional. The latte art on both of my drinks was absolutely spot on. The colour of the crema was exactly right. The first latte was decorated with a rosetta with incredibly long thin veins whereas the second was decorated with a swan design that was really intricate and to see it being made was a real treat. Then again I couldn’t expect anything less as the staff at this place are incredible. Everyone is so friendly and talkative, especially when a regular comes in. One lady came and had a coffee then on her way out ended up talking to me about all the different coffee beans she’d tried there for 10 minutes or so and it was a really interesting conversation. I love little things like that. They really add to the experience.

In summary: brilliant coffee, amazing shop, outstanding staff, truly independent little shop with a great network for supporting independent regional coffee farmers and producers


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