Review: LMDC Harrogate

Coffee Shop: LMDC Harrogate
Drink: Flat white
Beans: Square Mile (Ethiopia, dark roast)
Price: £2.70

This trip didn’t quite turn out how I expected, let’s just start by saying that.

Let me start by saying that LMDC is one of my favourite little coffee shops. The drinks are top notch, the staff are lovely, the prices are reasonable and the whole place is so warm and cosy but this trip didn’t seem to live up to the regular standard. The shop and the staff were just the same as always. Wonderfully helpful and as talkative as ever but the coffee itself was a bit off.

Starting with the coffee itself: firstly it was incredibly bold and intense. Even though it was a dark roast, the taste was similar to a much lighter roast i.e. very acidic and bitter however this is usually the case with Ethiopian beans in my experience. Whilst the flavour was very earthy with slight sharp fruity notes, the increasingly sharp acidity completely overthrew the delicate flavours of the drink to just leave a long and bitter finish but the one thing that kept coming to mind is that the beans didn’t taste fresh. Given that LMDC is a busy little shop I can’t imagine for a second that the beans weren’t fresh which leaves me to think that the only cause of this bizarre taste was that the espresso was drawn for too long but again, I struggle to imagine that happening given that the barista that made my drink is the owner/manager and I happen to know that she is incredibly good at what she does. The best way I can describe the taste is that it was like a bad filter coffee with some foam dumped on top. It pains me to say it but that’s what it reminded me of.

I ordered a simple flat white which always seems to be a good test of a barista as it combines good quality espresso, milk frothing technique and latte art finesse. In term of presentation; my drink was served in a lovely thick ceramic cup that was a generous size for a flat white. The latte art on top was just a simple tulip shape but the consistency was absolutely spot on and the shine on it was incredible.

Overall I’d say this trip was a bit of an anomaly in the world of LMDC. I usually recommend them (or Bean & Bud) to my customers and personally this is the first negative experience I’ve ever had with them however if I am to judge them on this one trip, which I have to in order to be fair and unbiased, then I’d say it was pretty mediocre at best. Sorry guys 😦


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