My love affair with an AeroPress

Whilst that might sound like an episode of The Jeremy Kyle Show, I can assure you I have not literally had an affair with my AeroPress. Get that out of your head now.

I originally bought an AeroPress after becoming seriously bored of a cafetière. Whilst it’s very traditional, it’s very impractical. I always made too much to drink, by the time I got around to drinking it the coffee had gone cold or bitter (or both) and not to mention having to clear out the disgusting sludge that you get at the bottom of the glass beaker. It’s just not a great system for making a a quick coffee in the morning for just yourself.

Now obviously there’s instant coffee but that would be sacrilege to a coffee fan so I started googling different home coffee making processes and the two that were most recommended were a V60 dripper or an AeroPress and whilst a V60 can make seriously nice coffee, a lot of reviews were leaning towards and AeroPress and purely on a time basis I didn’t think a V60 would suit my needs so I went for it and bought my AeroPress.

I’ve barely slept since due to excess caffeine consumption

Since getting the AeroPress I’ve drinking coffee on an industrial scale . Making a simple black coffee is ridiculously easy and, more importantly, super quick. The entire process takes around 2 minutes whereas a cafetière would take anywhere between 4 and 7 which, in a morning when time is a serious premium, is an absolute godsend.

I basically works as a giant syringe. You fill the main chamber with a scoop of medium/fine ground coffee then let it bloom, then finally top it up with water. Then you screw on the filter cap with a small disc of filter paper in and plunger the entire thing into your mug. Simple.

To say it only costs £27, the results from the AeroPress totally contradict the price. It makes a really well rounded cup of coffee. Admittedly if you leave it brewing for a few seconds too long it’s easy for the flavours to get too intense however having said that song long as you don’t forget about it there’s very little to go wrong and the whole process is weirdly therapeutic. Clear up too is really easy, all the coffee grounds are compacted by the pressure used to brew the drink which means that once you’ve finished making your drink all you do is unscrew the filter cap and push the grounds straight into the bin and rinse out the press. Couldn’t be much easier.

All of this had led me to get an insane amount of use out of it. I love it and I’m willing to bet coffee fan would too.


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