How did I get into coffee?

I got a job working with coffee. There’s the short answer. I got a job in a kitchenware shop and somehow ended up being the guy responsible for selling coffee machines.

I can’t begin to explain how grateful I am for this job. I love it so so much because I get to work with amazing people in an amazing shop, selling excellent machines. In fairness there are some challenging days but if you’ve ever worked in retail or any kind of job that involves working with clients or customers then you’ll understand.

Before I got my job I was an avid tea and coffee drinker and although I was fond of a good flat white, I never really went any further than Costa or Caffè Nero. Working with coffee has given me the opportunity to break into the coffee world; to learn about different countries of origin, farming methods as well as production and farming techniques. It’s also given me the confidence to be able to walk into an independent coffee house and make the most of what they have to offer whether that be different brewing methods, different beans on the menu or even the confidence to be able to describe something as simple as tasting notes in different brews (I always think that describing the taste of something can be really stressful and embarrassing unless you have confidence in what you’re doing. It doesn’t matter if it’s coffee or wine or whatever).

I also have to acknowledge the people around me for their role in getting me into coffee. Someone I used to know got a job as a barista in a little café in town and within a year became Head Barista at that same café. Likewise two of my best friends work in a local independent coffee shop and I always envied them because their jobs looked absolutely brilliant and now I get to be a barista but in a sales role and I couldn’t enjoy it more.

So really although my job was a big factor in getting me into coffee it was really the people around me that nudged me in that direction. The job was the catalyst. The position was listed as “sales assistant” not “coffee salesperson” I adapted the role to what I liked to do and talk about. The reason I’m good at my job is because I love what I’m selling, I love learning about it and I love being apart of the local coffee community.

I got into coffee because I love it and because everyone around me loves it, how could you say no?


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